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Advantages of Hong Kong Company
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1. Free to Choose the Name of Company


No matter how much is the register capital, the Hong Kong government allows the names of company to include the words such as group, international, industry, foundation, investment, association, holding, united group, center and etc..


2. Little Restriction of the Business Scope


Electronic, chemistry, light industry, instrument, clothing, textile, jewelry, treasury, transportation, medicine, shipment, import and export, trade, publication, house estate, architecture, machinery, decoration, information, website, tourist, college, association, electrical equipment, research institution and other hi-tech industry. All these can be businesses.


3. Modicum Registered Capital and No Need of Inspection


The registered capital often directly influences the shareholders’ decision of setting up enterprises. In Hong Kong, no matter how much is the registered capital; the enterprise needn’t send the fund to Hong Kong banks.


4. High Reputation


Hong Kong is one of the world’s leading reputable international financial centers with well-known and excellent legal and banking systems. It gives confidence to our clients, business partners and investors for engaging business with them.


5. Simple Taxation System


The taxation system is relatively straightforward with the following major categories


Profits Tax – based on company trading profit
Salaries Tax – based on individual income


There is no capital gain tax, withholding tax on dividends, interest tax and sales tax (VAT).Profits tax is levied at a rate of 16.5% on taxable profits arising from activities taking place in Hong Kong. Deductions are given for business expenses that are incurred in earning the assessable profits.


6. No Profit Tax for Business Activities Carried Out Outside Hong Kong


Taxation in Hong Kong is based on a territorial source principle rather than based on residency. It results in individuals and companies incorporated in Hong Kong paying tax only on income or profits earned from activities actually taking place in Hong Kong. If there are no activities in Hong Kong, then there is no liability to tax in Hong Kong.


7. No Foreign Exchange Control


Funds are freely allowed in and out of Hong Kong very efficiently.


8. In-and-out Freedom of People, Materials and Funds


Hong Kong is the freest and most flourish harbor in the world, whose infrastructure is excellent. The in-and-out of people, materials and funds are free. Hong Kong has signed treaties with more than 100 countries for people coming to and leaving Hong Kong without signing visa. When goods are imported and exported, they can be free of tax and the logistics from sea, land and air will be managed very quickly. 


9. Bilingual Documents


Hong Kong company incorporation documents are bilingual, English and Chinese. These documents make doing business in China a little easier, particularly when supported with a HSBC Hong Kong multi-currency corporate bank account, allowing China RMB currency transactions.


10. Easier to invest in mainland China


Moving a company into the PRC is much easier after establishing a company in Hong Kong, as Chinese officials is familiar with Hong Kong corporate documents, leading to greater efficiency.


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