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China Residence Permit Application
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Overview of Residence Permit


It is not your visa but your residence permit that gives you the right to live in China.Upon arrival in China, you have 30 days to obtain your residence permit. Your initial visa grants you the right to enter China for a specific purpose, but expires after a few months. If you wish to stay longer in China, you will need to apply for a residence permit which works like a multiple-entry visa, allowing you to leave the country and return without an additional visa as long as the permit remains valid (even if your original visa has expired).


Types of Residence Permits

There are three types of residence permits that allow you to live in China:


1.  Permanent residence permits (little green booklets) are issued to those holding a D visa and are renewable every 10 years.

2.  Temporary residence permits are valid for 6-12 months. Generally required for visiting scholars or those entering for job training.

3.  Foreigner Residence Permits are normally valid for one year and are renewable annually. They are the standard residence permits issued to the majority of foreigners working in China.


This article is focus on the application of Foreigner Residence Permits.


Documents required to Apply for Residence Permits:


1.  Four copies of business license or register certificate (the annual examination is already done).
2.  A copy of Certificate of Approval (if it is registered as a foreign invested enterprise) or a copy    of Social Insurance Registration certificate (if the company is registered as a Chinese domestic enterprise - original certificate is required)

3.  A copy of organization code certificate;

5.  A copy of tax register certificate
6.  A copy of Registration Form of Temporary Residence (and original)
7.  Application Form for Foreigner’s Employment in China
8.  Application Form to get a visa notification letter
9.  Employment Registration Form of Foreign Employees in China

10.  Visa/residence permit application form (print on both sides of one page)

11.  Application letter written by the company and addressed to Labor and Social Security Bureau, explaining why they would like to employ you
12.  Letter of employment intent written by the company, explaining what is your duties in the company, what is your title, how about the salary and allowance and how long they would like to employ you
13.  A copy of the labor contract (needs to be translated to Chinese if in a different language)

14.  A copy of Articles of association and decision of the board of directors (If employed as a Vice General Manager or General Manager)

15.  The health certificate of the foreigner to be employed;
16.  Foreigner’s curriculum vitae, copies of educational diploma and credentials of the foreigner required for the performance of the job(Chinese translation of the documents mentioned is required as attachment, the notarial certificate in Chinese or English of qualification for the performance of the special job is also required);

17.  Original passport
18.  6 Passport photos with white or light blue background

19.  Other documents required by regulations.

Notes: All copies need to be stamped with company' seal.


The procedure of applying for Residence Permit


1.  Prepare all the required documents and fill in the forms→2.) Submit and apply for approval→3.) Physical examination→4.) Submit and apply for Alien Employment License→5.) Apply for Invitation Letter of Duly Authorized Unit→6.) Submit and apply for Alien Employment Permit→8.) Applying for residence permit for foreigner.


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