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Nevada Company Formation
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Overview of Nevada corporation


Setting up a company in in any of the 50 states offers privacy, limited liability, and tax benefits to one degree or another.

Forming a Nevada corporation, however, takes these same concepts to a higher level, offering numerous advantages to the businessman or entrepreneur. Many US non-residents are incorporating companies in Nevada, some of which are operating within America, others of which are operating entirely outside and have no connection with the US other than the registration of their company.


Advantage of Nevada Company Formation


1. One Person Requirement for a Corporation or an LLC: Some states require that you have more than one person to serve as the various officers and directors of your corporation. Not so in Nevada. One person can fill all of the required corporate positions giving you the ultimate in flexibility and control.


2. Enjoy anonymity and privacy in Nevada: The more information about you that appears in the public record the easier it is for you to become a target. Nevada has no requirement for the names of shareholders to be filed with the state. It asks only for a simple “Annual Report” which requires disclosure of only those assets located within the state of Nevada and the name of one person, usually the one who submits the report.


3. Unlimited ability to issue stock: Nevada corporations may issue stock for capital, services, personal property or real estate, including leases and options. The directors may determine the value of any of these transactions, and their decision is final.


4. Nevada corporations may purchase, hold, sell or transfer shares of its own stock: Stock in Nevada corporation may be issued in exchange for “anything of value”.You may use cash of course but also property, services or any valuable consideration at the total discretion of the board of directors which you’ll remember can be one person.


5. No Minimum Capital Requirements for Corporations: You can fund your corporation with one dollar, with a million dollars or the amount of your choice.And the capital does not need to be put into a bank account.


6. Tax Savings: a.) No Corporate Income Tax b.) No Corporation Franchise Tax c.)

No Corporation Succession Tax d.) Sales tax applies only to products sold within Nevada.


7. Directors and/or Shareholders Meetings May Be Held Anywhere in The World—Directors or shareholders are not required to hold meetings in Nevada; indeed you need never set foot within the state.


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