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HK Corporate Secretarial Service
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Legally all limited companies in Hong Kong should appoint a company secretary that is usually resident in Hong Kong. If the company has a single director he/she must not act as Company Secretary. The Company Secretary role is responsible for ensuring compliance.


We provide comprehensive and professional corporate secretarial services which allows our clients to focus on business development rather than paperwork..A full range of secretarial services are as following:


1. Assisting clients to incorporate/set up company in Hong Kong and overseas

2. Establishment of branch offices in Hong Kong

3. Provision of registered office/correspondence address, corporate secretary, nominee directors, independent directors, nominee shareholders, authorized representatives.

4. Preparing and keeping statutory records, such as register of shareholders and register of directors, etc.

5. Maintaining statutory books and records and completing corporate secretarial compliance tasks;

6. Assisting in corporate changes, including directors, secretary, auditors, corporate name, memoranda and articles of association along with, transfers of shares, new issues of shares, rights and bonus issues;

7. Bank introductions and assistance with opening bank accounts.

8. Preparing and submitting statutory documents, including annual return form.

9. Providing relevant advice on company liquidation and bankruptcy.

10. Deregistering the company and suspending applications for activities.

11. Assisting in applying for Hong Kong work visa.


Conducting company and land searches;


In summary outsourcing your company secretarial requirements to ZANYA will ensure your company records remain confidential, be professionally maintained and compliant with the statutory requirements in Hong Kong.


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