• HK Corporate Secretarial Service
        Legally all limited companies in Hong Kong should appoint a company secretary that is usually resident in Hong Kong. If the company has a single director he/she must not act as Company Secretary. The Company Secretary role is responsible for ensuring comp...【Details】
    Category:Corporate Secretarial ServicesEditor:zanya consultantsDate:2016/10/25
  • Hong Kong Company Bank Account Opening
        Wherever you set up your companies, you can open bank accounts in Hong Kong. SMEs account for a large percentage of companies in Hong Kong and are a significant customer base for banks. Excellent cash management facilities, Internet banking that helps kee...【Details】
    Category:Corporate Secretarial ServicesEditor:zanya consultantsDate:2016/10/25
  • Hong Kong Branch Office Registration
        Features of a Branch Office in Hong Kong: 1. A branch of a non-resident company must appoint a resident individual or a company to represent it in its dealings with the tax authorities. The representatives may be held jointly and severally liable for the...【Details】
    Category:Corporate Secretarial ServicesEditor:zanya consultantsDate:2016/10/25
  • Hong Kong Work Visa Application
        Hong Kong is an excellent destination if you wish to live and work in another country. Companies opening an office in Hong Kong and those already trading here attract many foreign workers. Hence, the Immigration authorities tend to exercise some discretio...【Details】
    Category:Corporate Secretarial ServicesEditor:zanya consultantsDate:2016/05/19
  • Nominee Service
        Overview of Nominee Service:The institution of nominee service is a system of contractual relations between nominee owners, nominee managers (directors and shareholders) and actual company owners (benficiaries). Such a system of relationships developed ov...【Details】
    Category:Corporate Secretarial ServicesEditor:zanya consultantsDate:2016/10/25
  • Virtual Office Service in China
  • Translation Service in China
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