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  • 8 Key Healthcare Projects Unveiled
        The "New Guangzhou, New Business Opportunities" Promotion Seminar for Healthcare Complex Projects, the first one of its kind in recent years, was staged on July 9. At the seminar, eight key healthcare service complex projects were unveiled....【Details】
    Category:newsEditor:zanya consultantsDate:2014/09/30
  • International Organic Food Exhibition Scheduled for Sept. 7
        The China (Guangzhou) International Organic Food Exhibition will take place at Area C of the Canton Fair Pazhou Exhibition Complex from September 7 through September 9, 2013. Other exhibitions to be held in conjunction with the Organic Food Exhibition inc...【Details】
    Category:newsEditor:zanya consultantsDate:2014/09/30
  • Guangzhou Recognized as Comprehensive National High-tech Industry Base
        Guangzhou is now recognized as the Comprehensive National High-tech Industry Base of Guangzhou, in the written reply given by State Development and Reform Commission, according to Guangzhou Development and Reform Commission on April 11. The High-tech indu...【Details】
    Category:newsEditor:zanya consultantsDate:2013/09/04
  • Guangzhou Avantages
        As one of the central cities of China and core cities of the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou has long been the top choice for multinationals for investment deployment in China since China's reform and opening-up. It has so far drawn about US$50 billion of FD...【Details】
    Category:newsEditor:zanya consultantsDate:2013/09/04
  • Hiring Local Domestic Helpers
        Consulates and consular officers may hire Chinese service personnel (including translators, tutors, secretaries, nannies, chefs, chauffeurs, cleaners, gardeners, etc.) through the local foreign organization service institution. To hire such personnel, con...【Details】
    Category:newsEditor:zanya consultantsDate:2013/09/04
  • BASF: China's economic transformation has tremendous business opportunities
        "Economic transformation in China is gradually in depth, and particularly in Guangdong, which is walking in the forefront of the provinces and cities nationwide in terms of industrial upgrading, green manufacturing, environmental protection and energy sav...【Details】
    Category:newsEditor:zanya consultantsDate:2013/09/04
  • Private Enterprises Account for 40% of GDP
        The Guangzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce) held a New Year party on the evening of January 9 at the Dongfang Hotel. On the same evening, the Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce for Private Enterprises held a ceremony to mark...【Details】
    Category:newsEditor:zanya consultants Date:2013/09/04
  • Guangzhou High-tech Enterprises Association was set up
        March 18th, the Guangzhou high-tech enterprises Association held the inaugural meeting,Xu zhibiao the vice mayor of Guangzhou attended,there were about 200 representatives from city departments and high-tech enterprise participated. The Conference adopte...【Details】
    Category:newsEditor:zanya consultants Date:2013/09/04
  • Over 40,000 Buyers Participating in the Canton Fair on the Opening Day
        Record-breaking 40,692 international buyers have participated in the 109th Canton Fair on the first day. The number of attendants has totaled 44,849, up by 16.78% from the previous session. "In the past, there were about 30,000 buyers at most on the first...【Details】
    Category:newsEditor:zanya consultants Date:2013/09/04
  • Operating Costs for Foreign Investors
        The Guangzhou Municipal Government provides that the salaries paid by an enterprise to employees must not be lower than the minimum standard applicable for the year (1300 per month since March 1st, 2011)....【Details】
    Category:newsEditor:zanya consultants Date:2013/09/04
  • Guangdong Zhenrong Resources Co., Ltd.
        Guangdong Zhenrong Resources Co., Ltd. (GDZR) is a large integrated company founded in 2008, specializing in trade and investment of energy and natural resources commodities in close relation to national economy and civil life. As a leading company in oil...【Details】
    Category:newsEditor:zanya consultants Date:2013/09/04
  • 105 Civil Undertakings to Realized at the end of this year
        On the regular press conference of Guangzhou Commission for Discipline Inspection(GCDI) on Aug. 20th, details were released on 2013 Promotion of Incorruption of Public Service 100 Undertakings, and 105 projects like electronic mapping of Guangzhou parking...【Details】
    Category:newsEditor:zanya consultants Date:2013/09/04
  • First Private Finance Museum Opens
        The China (Guangzhou) Private Finance Museum opened to the public on June 23 after more than six months of construction and staging. ...【Details】
    Category:newsEditor:zanya consultants Date:2013/09/07
  • Optical attraction
        California-Based ARASOR specializes in communication components and systems product solutions. Its business encompasses optical fiber transaction networks, wireless communications and terminal products, and consumer electronic display products....【Details】
    Category:newsEditor:zanya consultants Date:2013/09/12
  • Private Enterprises Account for 40% of GDP
        The Guangzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce) held a New Year party on the evening of January 9 at the Dongfang Hotel. On the same evening, the Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce for Private Enterprises held a ceremony to mark...【Details】
    Category:newsEditor:zanya consultants Date:2013/09/13
  • China International Cartoon Festival Approaches
        The Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV, Press and Publication announced on September 3 that the 6th China International Cartoon Festival will be staged as planned in Guangzhou from September 28 through October 5. The Guangzhou and Hong Kong ...【Details】
    Category:newsEditor:zanya consultants Date:2013/09/22
  • No. 2 Foreign Language School Opens
        Guangzhou No. 2 Foreign Language School, based on the Taihe campus of Peiying Middle School, opened on September 2, becoming the first public foreign language school in Baiyun District. For the fall semester, the new school will have a total of 12 classes...【Details】
    Category:newsEditor:zanya consultants Date:2013/09/22
  • Guangzhou Named Outsourcing Showcase City
        The Guangdong Provincial Government announced on its website on September 26 that Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan and Dongguan have been designated as provincial showcase cities for service outsourcing. The Guangzhou Development District, Guangdong Fi...【Details】
    Category:newsEditor:zanya consultants Date:2013/10/08
  • Canton Fair Phase II Begins on Oct. 23
        The second phase of the Canton Fair kicked off on October 23. While the first phase was focused on machinery, electronics and automobiles, the second phase is "home" themed, showcasing kitchen equipment, household ceramics, artistic ceramics, home decorat...【Details】
    Category:newsEditor:zanya consultants Date:2013/10/25
  • CPI up 3.2% in September
        Guangzhou's consumer price index (CPI) has again exceeded 3%. The last time that Guangzhou saw a CPI above 3% was May....【Details】
    Category:newsEditor:zanya consultants Date:2013/10/25
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