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Apply for Guangzhou Import and Export License
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Preconditions for applying import and export qualifications:


1. The company must have obtained Business License, Organizational Code Certificate National and Local Tax Registration Certificate

2. The words “import and export” needed to be shown on the business license.

3.The company register capital should not be less then 500,000rmb.Already in production business enterprises with the State Administration for registration with a business license;


Required Documents


1.Original approval certificate ( only for Foreign Invested Enterprise)

2. Business license
3. Organizational code certificate
4. National tax registration
5. Local tax registration License
6. Original of Bank Account Opening License
7. Photocope of identification documents (ID card, passport) of legal representative
8. Two colour photos of responsible workers
9. Company stamp
10. Original lease contract


Import and export license (Right) Application Procedure:


1. Get the registration form of the foreign trading operators from Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Department
2. Apply for Customs registration certificate from Guangzhou Customs District
3. Apply for Inspection Registration Certificate from Guangzhou Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau
4. Register in State Administration of Foreign Exchange
5. Register in Guangzhou Administrative Bureau of Industry and Commerce

6. Register in Guangzhou Administrative Bureau of Quality and Technology Supervision
7. Register in National and Local Tax Bureau

8. Apply for a set of material of Electron Port from Guangzhou Customs District

Rights and obligations 

Private production enterprises with import-export right enjoy the rights and the obligations as following: 

1. Ability to be directly engaged in the import-export business; 
2. Ability to apply to join the import and export trade associations, participation in national and local departments in charge of foreign trade organizations of the foreign trade and economic activities, and the country's foreign trade policy and the policy guidance; 

3.Ability to operate self-produced products export business operators in the production, research the necessary machinery and equipment, spare parts, raw and auxiliary materials import and export businesses. 

4.Positive foreign exchange earned through exports.
5.Acceptance of foreign trade import and export sector will be tick of supervision, management and coordination; 

6.Abide by relevant state foreign trade policies and laws and regulations; 


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