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China Barcode Registration
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Who is eligible to Apply for a China Barcode?


The manufacturer, seller and service provider that has obtained in accordance with law the business license and relevant legal business qualification may apply for the registration of company prefix.


Where the subsidiary company of a group that has independent legal person status needs to use barcode for commodity, it shall apply independently as prescribed for the registration of company prefix.


Documents Required for China Barcode Registration


(1)Fill in Registration Table for Members of China Barcode for Commodity System,

(2)Original and Copies of Business license or certificate of relevant legal business qualification


Whom to apply for the barcode?


The applicant for the registration of company prefix (hereinafter referred to as the applicant) may apply for the registration of company prefix to the local branch of the ANCC (hereinafter referred to as the BANCC).


The BANCC shall finish the preliminary examination of the applying materials as provided by the applicant within 5 workdays. With respect to those qualified in the preliminary examination, the BANCC affixes opinion and submits to the ANCC for examination and approval; with respect to those unqualified, the BANCC shall return the applying materials back to the applicant and give an account thereof.


What right will the applicant have after the application is approved?


The applicant whose registration of company prefix has been approved will be granted the Certificate of Membership of China Barcode for Commodity System (hereinafter referred to as the System Membership Certificate) and thus obtains the status as member of China Barcode for Commodity System.


The company prefix may not be registered under one of the following circumstances:

1.  Where the business license relevant legal business qualification certificate fails to be produced.
2.  With respect to such institutions as the social ganization, trade association, intermediate institution entity, the company prefix is not to be used by the entity itself.
3.  Any other circumstance in violation of laws, regulations the Article of Association of EAN International. 


Validity Period and Extension of China Barcode 


The period of validity of a company prefix is 2 years.

The member of the system shall conduct the extension formality in the BANCC at his locality within 3 months before the expiration of the company prefix. The company prefix and the status of membership of the system will be deregistered where the extension formality is not conducted in due time.


Change and Deregistradion of China Barcode


Where the information of the member of the system such as the name, address or legal representative is changed, the change formality shall be conducted on the strength of relevant documents and the System Membership Certificate within 30 days after the approval of relevant authorities.


Where the member of the system stops using the company prefix, it shall conduct the deregistration formalities in the BANCC at his locality within 3 months as of the stop date.


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