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Alteration from a Foreign-invested Enterprise to a Domestic-invested Enterprise
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The reason why does a Foreign-invested Enterprise can change to be a a Domestic-invested Enterprise


To promote and regulate foreign investors' investment in China, bring in foreign advanced technologies and management experience, improve the level of utilizing foreign capital, realize reasonable allocation of resources, ensure employment and maintain fair competition and national economic safety, in accordance with laws, administrative regulations of foreign investment enterprises, the Company Law of the People's Republic of China and other relevant laws and administrative regulations and rules, Chinese Government formulated the Provisions of Merger or Acquisition of Domestic Enterprises by Foreign Investors (Decree No. 10, 2006 of six ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Commerce).


Procedure of Alteration


Step One: Apply for document of approval of alteration of equities from a Foreign-invested Enterprise to a Domestic-invested Enterprise to Commerce Department.


For the alteration of equities of the investors of foreign-invested enterprises, the examination and approval authorities should, in accordance with Article 17 of the Provisions on the Alteration of Investors' Equities in Foreign-funded Enterprises, decide to approve or not within 30 days upon the receipt of all the required documents.


Step two: Apply for notice of evacuation to registration department of foreign investment.


Required Documents are as following:

1.Approval document of alteration from a Foreign-invested Enterprise to a Domestic-invested Enterprise.

2.Approval document of canceling approval certificate of foreign funded enterprise

3.Resolution of alteration of equity of an investor and enterprise type,temination of original contract and articles of association issued by the power organ of company.

4.《Application form for Change of a Foreign Invested Company》

5. Written Application Report signed by the Legal Representative and stamped by company.

Step three: Apply for Registration of Alteration from a Foreign-invested Enterprise to a Domestic-invested Enterprise to registration department of domestic enterprise.


Required Documents are as following:

1. Application form for registration of company alteration
2. Original approval document issued by examination and examination and approval authorities.
3. Shareholders Meeting Resolution
4. Agreement on the transfer of company shares;
5.Representation of credit and debt of company

6. Articles of association of new company

7. ID copy of new shareholder

8. Copy of business License of foreign funded enterprise which has passed the last year’s annual inspection.

9. Notice of evacuation issued by registration department of foreign investment

10. Other pertinent documents and credentials


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